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Premium Commercial Bali
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Premium Commercial Bali
Product Rating:
5 stars based on 36 reviews.
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Harvested from only the most mature leaves, our Bali kratom is then finely ground to the consistency of powder sugar for maximum absorption. Bali kratom is very popular among kratom researchers and is almost always present in their collection. In shamanic practices, Bali aroma is known for its more relaxing and soothing properties.

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Customer Reviews
Rating 5 stars
I've tried several strains myself so far and love this Premium Bali. This is a great substitute for those looking to break away from other poisons. No significant bad side effects from usage. I could see it actually acting as a blocker so be careful about mixing.
Reviewed by: Duane from Kannapolis, NC. on 5/3/2016
Rating 5 stars
always on point
From shipping to quality kratora is always on point..tried a few vendors but this is my go to from now on
Reviewed by: Kyle from NY. on 5/2/2016
Rating 5 stars
excellent review
This company has the best products, customer service, and shipping that I have ever dealt with. I am proud to be a loyal customer for over a year now! You do not get better than this.
Reviewed by: michele from Boston. on 11/2/2015
Rating 5 stars
Kratom is Amazing!
I NEVER paid much attention to this stuff before. I was getting sick this week and was in need of energy to make it through the week. In the past, I would have bought something that was simply bad for me. I wish I would have known about Kratom in the past. I have felt great since I found it. After much research, I decided to go with Kratora, and I'm not going ANYWHERE! Thanks Kratora!
Reviewed by: Charlie from Kentucky. on 10/31/2015
Rating 5 stars
Truly wonderful
Thanks for a superior product as well as fast shipping. I love tucked into a very remote part of the Rocky Mountains and my shipments always make it right on time. You guys are a lifesaver for sure! Thanks so much!!!
Reviewed by: French Fry Prophet from Colorado. on 9/15/2015
Rating 5 stars
How Great is Kratom?!
I'm totally new to Kratom, but I'm loving me some PCB right now, I have three very energetic kids and this was just what I was looking for. For me, not the kids. Shipped on Monday, had it by 12 on Wednesday, product is great, I will definitely be back to try some different strains.
Reviewed by: Mark from Phila, PA. on 9/2/2015
Rating 4 stars
Outstanding! I really enjoyed the mood lifting and energizing benefits of this strain. I have tried almost 90% of other strains currently available and have noticed Bali to be the most euphoric (mood enhancing)blend. Kratora caries the best kratom I have ever purchased anywhere. On a down note, they are kind of strict when it comes to free samples (you have to ask, and yet still only receive a little). For the high cost of this stuff I would assume they would be a little less frugal with samples because that's how we find out what we like and will purchase next time. That's why I am giving my rating of Bali (and Kratora) 4 stars.
Reviewed by: Eddie from East Coast. on 8/24/2015
Rating 5 stars
I have purchased a number of different strains of kratom from Kratora. Each has its own character therefore I prefer some over others. I dont have a true favorite yet. the customer service and quality of product found offered by Kratora is first rate. Thanks!
Reviewed by: devon from cheraw. on 7/20/2015
Rating 5 stars
If you have tried other strains you may find Bali to be happier and more uplifting. I sure do. Thanks Kratora, very fast shipping and we'll be ordering again from you.
Reviewed by: Mark E. from New York. on 7/16/2015
Rating 5 stars
Everything You Could Ever Ask For
I don't know where to begin with this company. First of all, I have tried all of the other reputable vendors out there and the potency of Kratora's products is unmatched. Secondly, Saundra and Isabel (and the entire team) deserve a Nobel Peace prize for the work they have done and the way they run this company. They literally treat you like family. Anytime there has ever been any kind of problem, they have resolved it virtually instantly. Thirdly and last of all, the shipping times you will get from this site are the fastest that I think anyone has ever seen. When they tell you 2-3 days, they mean 2-3 days. And when they say Same Day Shipping, they mean Same Day Shipping. This company does not b.s. you in any way whatsoever. So I ask you: What more could you possibly ask for in a company? I hope more people discover this true gem of a site and decide to give it a try. They will not regret it, I promise you.
Reviewed by: S.F. from Texas. on 6/25/2015
Rating 5 stars
I was skeptical, but after ordering from this site I was so happy. The quality, shipping and delivery time was awesome. Thank you so much!!!
Reviewed by: P from East Coast. on 4/17/2015
Rating 5 stars
The Definition of Great Service
I have been purchasing Kratom for many years now. I have purchased from vendors both bad and good. However, I had not yet encountered a great vendor until a little over a year ago - for a little over a year ago I began purchasing from Kratora. I have not reviewed it before - product nor store. And for this I am recently ashamed. I will say now, with great sincerity, that this is the best vendor I have ever come across and have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They put a new spin on the definition of great service - as great service is often only in the area of product bought/product recieved. With Kratora you are stepping into business with staff that are completely and utterly about convenience, ease, pleasure. I realize the rest aren't needed, but I cannot help but preach. I cannot tell you how many technical issues I have run into that were completely and utterly on my end (never stemming from them) that they have attacked INSTANTLY upon being notified of them. As for product, it is the logical extension of the service described. It is excellent. Excellent. Excellent. They are honest about the quality. I hope this review helps to deplete any skepticism as to the product. You can have great shipping, contact, customer service, and not have product to match - this I have experienced with others. But with this site, the quality of both product/service are identical (if I didn't mention, excellent). I thank them for the ease, unyielding integrity, and the fantastic product sold. .
Reviewed by: Connor from Florida. on 4/8/2015
Rating 3 stars
Not bad
No problems with service. I found this strain considerably less potent than the Maeng Da though. It's also more soporific too.
Reviewed by: Gabe from Colorado. on 1/29/2015
Rating 1 stars
Super disappointed with this strain. The effects are weak and useless for the reasons I take it. Makes sense that it's relatively cheaper compared to other online vendors. I was expecting Bali Red (or premium since there's no red here) to work adequately well. And the alleged "relaxing and soothing properties" is highly arguable. Will not be shopping here anymore. Out of the 5 vendors I've gotten Bali from, by far Kratora's is the weakest :(
Reviewed by: Bobby from Los Angeles. on 1/12/2015
Rating 5 stars
Great product,fast shipping. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: Shelly from Michigan. on 8/10/2014
Rating 5 stars
Fantastic product with great service
The product is packaged very well and delivered/shipped faster than any other service I have used in the past. The product is always of the highest quality- the company does a great job performing a much needed service. I have bought Bali for over a year now, and have used this company for several months. Thank you, Kratora, for being dependable and reliable.
Reviewed by: B. Rabbit from West Coast. on 3/11/2014
Rating 5 stars
Like it
I made my first order on feb 12, I received it on the 15 since I missed the cut off time for ordering. this was one of three strains I bought. Kratora is a great company, their customer service is amazing and so is their kratom!
Reviewed by: William from Tahoe. on 2/24/2014
Rating 5 stars
Excellent Time and Product
This is my second batch of kratom, and I really love the stuff. The first I ever bought was Maeng Da from Amazon, and I like this better. Product arrived a couple days after I ordered.
Reviewed by: Gary from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. on 2/23/2014
Rating 5 stars
Exceeded My Expectations!
First off, that was some of the quickest shipping I've ever experienced. Ordered it on Saturday and got it Monday! Very Happy Customer
Reviewed by: Bryan from Kansas City, MO. on 2/11/2014
Rating 4 stars
Good product, shipping slow
I ordered an oz. of Bali and it took them 3 days to actually send out the package, which was a little bit frustrating, which was a little bit frustrating but then USPS messed up and sent it back to them (not their fault.) When I called to ask about it they said they would immediately send it back out and would arrive in two days, it didn't arrive for another week. However, the product was better than the "high quality" kratom I bought from a shop previously, and a lot cheaper ($12.99 an oz. vs. $40.00 for 14 g.) The second time I purchased from Kratora, however, they shipped it out the next day and I received it 3 days after I ordered it.
Reviewed by: Emma from Santa Barbara, CA. on 10/7/2013
Rating 5 stars
Worth it!
Friend turned me on to this and I must say it was worth it!
Reviewed by: Joshua from Louisiana. on 10/3/2013
Rating 5 stars
I have buy kratom over and over from different vendors and have never gotten a really good product. Kratora changed all of that, I just got my shipment of bali and I have to say, wow! I am instantly a loyal customer, I will be ordering again tomorrow!! Can't wait to buy the maeng da.
Reviewed by: Kenny from US. on 8/14/2013
Rating 5 stars
I'm a first time kratom customer and i decided to use this site. I had to call customer service to find out how its billed on my CC and the lady was super nice and helpful. Very personable. Placed my order at 3pm (CST) and received it friday at 10 am (CST). Pleasure doing business with these folks and I will again soon. TRY IT!!!
Reviewed by: Jake T from Wisconsin. on 8/9/2013
Rating 5 stars
First Time User
First of all I recieved my order promply like the company said :) I would definately recommend this product to others. You will be hearing from me again. I'd like to try other varieties.
Reviewed by: Jennifer from Texas. on 7/21/2013
Rating 5 stars
2nd time ordered again great product and customer service
This was my second time ordering this product and was again completely satisfied with it. Delivery and product where as promised.
Reviewed by: Firsttimecustomer from USA. on 6/22/2013
Rating 5 stars
Great Product!
I was very skeptical of Kratom prior, and I thought that buying anywhere would end up a real crap shoot. But Kratora sure did deliver. I strongly recommend this product to anyone that is interested in Kratom.
Reviewed by: Kevin from Texas. on 6/21/2013
Rating 5 stars
Excellent Customer Service and Delivery
I ordered my first batch of bali friday and received it as promised on Saturday. I will definitely be ordering from this company again. Customer Service is excellent.
Reviewed by: Firsttimecustomer from USA. on 6/15/2013
Rating 5 stars
Bali is great, I would not hessitate to recommend both the Bali AND this distributor. My prior distributor no longer carries the product, But now I believe I have found a new home!
Reviewed by: Edwin from Kansas City. on 6/2/2013
Rating 5 stars
Very good stuff "RECOMMENDED!"
So far I have bought this and red vein and I am really impressed. This stuff is the master's choice. I don't normally try to sell vender's products but I must say you need to give this stuff a try.. I'm going through ordering all the different strains. I will write more reports as I get the shipments in. The price for this is right on point as well. If you are a kratom fan then you have to give this a try. Thanks for another wonderful product Kratora!
Reviewed by: Joshua from . on 5/21/2013
Rating 5 stars
Thank you!
This Bali is lovely, if you are on the "ledge" about buying this product or from this company - don't be. Honestly, I was nervous about buying Kratom online, but it is a legitimate site. They are very prompt in sending orders and I couldn't be more pleased with the Bali and Malay. So much so I just placed another order. Thank you Kratora for a wonderful experience!
Reviewed by: Anne from Florida. on 5/15/2013
Rating 5 stars
First off I cant believe how fast they responded to my questions and how fast I got my order, shipped priority from California to New Jersey and it took under 60 hrs from the time I ordered till it was at my door. I will be placing another order soon. Thank you Kratora
Reviewed by: Robert from New Jersey. on 5/8/2013
Rating 5 stars
Great quality and fast shipping! I'll definitely be back thanks:).
Reviewed by: Rachel from Beaverton, Oregon . on 4/4/2013
Rating 5 stars
The shipping was reasonably quick and the packaging of these products is actually really nice and attractive. This was my first time buying kratom, so I have nothing to compare Kratora to, but I've had a pleasant experience with this Bali. If order any more, I'm definitely coming to this site. Out of the websites I checked out before purchasing, Kratora was the most professional looking. I recommend to anyone wanting to buy it, plus the prices are decent, too.
Reviewed by: Zach from Owensboro, KY. on 3/21/2013
Rating 5 stars
This place is great, I am not biased and am not connected to the company. They are my new vendor.
Reviewed by: Stephen from MA. on 3/18/2013
Rating 5 stars
I ordered this for my first kratom experience, shipping was unbelievably fast, and the product itself was superb, especially for the price. Glad i found you guys and hope to continue doing business!
Reviewed by: Justin R from Michigan. on 3/14/2013
Rating 5 stars
Thank you!
I wanted to tell you guys that I just ordered from you for the first time and I am very impressed with the high quality of your Bali Kratom. Simply the best I've ever had from anywhere!The order came quickly, and the price is totally reasonable. You have definitely won yourselves a repeat customer.
Reviewed by: Christopher from Pennsylvania. on 3/5/2013
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